Paperback Essentials

New, notable or trending paperbacks, automatically delivered.

Implement effortless trade book displays for your bookstore.

Baker & Taylor

Receive a refreshed assortment of easy-selling paperbacks on a regular basis.

Looking for a simple way to stock new, notable or trending paperbacks? Follett provides Baker & Taylor’s Paperback Essentials program to help your store receive an assortment of easy-selling paperbacks every month. The result? You can focus on doing what your store does best — serving your students!

Robust Selection

Robust Selection

Every Paperback Essentials assortment ships monthly and contains 25 units with 10–12 titles. Books are returnable and follow our standard overstock return policy and procedures.

Discount Pricing

Discount Pricing

Receive a 42% discount on paperback titles. That’s our everyday discount for all trade titles!

Increase Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Automatically receive a new shipment of trade paperbacks every 4–5 weeks. We’ll cover the shipping!

Audio Books

Marketing Support

Receive a professionally printed sign for your campus bookstore.